#HSU001 - Gold Star of the Hero of Soviet Union - Researched

Gold Star of the Hero of Soviet Union

23 K gold

The Gold Star Medal is special. It is presented to Heroes of the Soviet Union together with the USSR's highest award, the Order of Lenin, and a Diploma of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet. Honorary title established 16 April 1934 with the Gold Star medal instituted 1 August 1939, by Decree of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet. Awarded to both military and civilian personnel for personal or collective deeds of heroism rendered to the USSR or socialist society. Recipients of this award simultaneously receive the Order of Lenin, and a Diploma of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet. May be awarded more than once to an individual, in which case the recipient would receive a second awarding of the Gold Star medal, but would not receive a second Order of Lenin. In place of this second awarding of the Order of Lenin, the recipient would have a sculptural bust built in the town of their birth. Approximately 12,600 people were awarded more than once. The awarding of this medal more than once was abolished by the USSR Supreme Soviet in 1988. The medal is made of Gold, the other parts are silver, covered in Gold. Special privileges were also granted to holders of this title. These included a pension with survivor benefits in case of Hero's death, first priority on the housing list, 50 per cent rent reduction, reduced taxation rates (in 1985 this was changed to tax exempt status), up to an additional 15 square meters in living space, free yearly round-trip first class ticket, free personal bus transportation, free yearly visit to sanitarium or rest home, as well as entertainment and medical benefits.

This gold star was awarded in June 1945, to Guards Senior Lieutenant , Chernysh, Pyotr Prokofyevich,Flight leader in the 81st Kraków Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky Guards Bomber Regiment, 1st Kirovograd Guards Bomber Division For the exemplary execution of combat missions at the front in the struggle with the German invaders and the courage and heroism displayed in the process. The citation says:

"... For completing 172 successful bombing raids on enemy troops and materiel and 91 successful dive-bombing raids, for inflicting enormous losses in manpower and materiel, which contributed to our troops’ successes in the struggle with the German invaders, and for the heroism and bravery he displayed in battle, he deserves the highest decoration, the title of ‘Hero of the Soviet Union’."